Bringing the Ancients’ knowledge of Solar Technologies to the modern world

Who We Are



A Chemical Physics Graduate of Sussex University Christopher developed monitoring and analytical software that revealed the presence of alcohol in interstellar gases. Excited, he went on to use his software in other fields, eventually exposing the solar efficiency of the architecture of the Ancients and the math that allowed them to harness the power of the Sun.



Meira McMahon has super powers; not the tower climbing wham, bam culture of the American comic book super powers; her’s is the intellectual power that comes from a dynasty 100,000 years in the making.  Dashed, almost to destruction, in the cataclysmic volcanoes, earthquakes and great floods that struck just 12,000 years ago, her family matriarchy survives through a thin line to which she is heiress. It remains the oldest and most benign administration ever known to humankind and will arise again as the alpha male dominance of governments and religious orders decline.



Aeronautical Engineer Philip Newman spent fourteen years as a Concorde Flight Engineer before retiring to write of his travels in Antartica, the Southern Ocean, and the great rivers of the tropical rain forests. He met Christopher in Thailand where together they created Meira – whose purpose is to illustrate Christopher’s theories in a manner suited to distribution through mass media. Christopher died suddenly in September of 2014. Philip continues to promote his work.