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Posted on 24th July, 2006 by

Meira says . . .

Good to see the aerospace business doings so well at the Farnborough show in England this year. The industry is enjoying a boom, mostly on the back of the warring factions all over the world: the Middle East in particular . . . well the Middle East almost completely actually, and not all of the Middle East. Actually the war is only in Iraq, and now a little bit in Lebanon  . . . well just the southern Lebanon, where the Israelis have broken all accepted concepts of appropriate action. So anyhow the aerospace business is up and booming with a big chunk of BAE System’s new orders coming from the US: a reward, no doubt, for supporting Bush through his invasion and sticking with him even after he declared Mission Accomplished. EADS, the Franco-German consortium, did exceptionally well with an order for 322 of their lightweight choppers from the US military. It seems the European/US rift over the invasion is old news now, and no longer relevant . . . well not in business anyhow. Tony Blair might be forgiven for thinking he need not have put British troops in harms way after all, but that would be an under-reaction to the loss of less than 120 British lives; the US has lost around 2,500, and the Iraqi figures range anywhere from 15,000 to 100,000. Business is that good.

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