Let My People Go

Really, how long does it take to realise austerity is asinine? You don’t shrink your demand for labour when the private sector does – you expand it to keep the economy moving. Likewise you don’t make education harder to acquire: you make it easier. I despair – is there no intelligence left in the current administration? Clearly not because instead of moving towards the voters’ choice the government is now moving away to the extremes of the DUP.

The electorate has spoken; please listen. We do not want Gengis Khan, or Karl Marks. We want government of the people by the people. Tear up those idiotic manifestos and ask the people what it is that they need. When that is done ask the people what they would like. Keep asking, keep implementing, stay honest and above all throw away those party lines. Doctrine is out. Dogma is out. Consensus is in. Consultation is in.

The first responsibility of government is not, as the high rollers across the Atlantic would have it, defence. The first responsibility of government is education – after that everything else follows but, health care comes a very close second. With health and education the people of our nation will be all they can be.

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