Meira Wrestles with Communication

She had been wrestling with the problem of communicating much of what was in her head to those who could best use it. Ben and Peter were bright, and they learned fast, but they were only two men. The Internet, with its ever growing stable of media devices, allowed them to make many, useful, disclosures but there was always the problem of credibility. No matter how logically convincing an argument might be there would be naysayers. Aboard the Seahorse, the yacht she was able to fully convert to renewable energy, she had a captive audience of people frustrated by the need to solve crucial problems. The solutions she gave them were neat and profound but she was only able to show them to the old sailors, and modern, innovative, business executives aboard because their needs demanded they attend her. Additionally it was on a very limited scale.

She is far better equipped now; she has a much greater store of information than she did back in those wonderful days in the South Atlantic but she had been able to use her limited knowledge to good effect. If engineering Seahorse to not only use concentrated solar radiation to crack the hydrogen from the sea, and subsequently to burn it in water, but also to use the energy in the waves, currents, and tides to propel the craft, was achievable then, then the possibilities available now are limitless. In demonstrating the levels of performance she achieved in the Seahorse she had sowed the seeds to set production lines in motion that went a long way towards emulating her results – not completely of course because there were things she could not make her followers understand. There were things, at that time, she did not understand herself.

Without doubt Seahorse had set the performance standards for the world of private yachting but Meira doubted thousand tonne tankers would be skipping across oceans at sixty knots anytime soon. At the time it was enough that the smart money would quickly spot the advantages and maybe construct a few solar powered freighters. There had also been the hope that from those few seeds might grow the roots of a whole new phase in bulk transport but that was then. It would not serve now. Now she needed humankind to take bigger steps, much longer strides, if war was to become a distant memory.

It was clear to her now that the religious factions, be they Jews, Moslems, Christians . . . all of various inclinations, were not the root cause of the conflicts throughout the Middle East, the Balkans, and the Eastern European Block, but energy was. Oil and gas represented power and wealth to too many administrative and religious leaders. That the Alpha Male was driven to dominate, that he had no choice but to compete and to win was clear to her and it was clear, too, that the cost in human life and ecological damage was of little consequence to those determined on such goals. She couldn’t change that. She couldn’t change attitudes bred in centuries of wars and egotistic strutting and preening without years of education and those years would not begin to be available until the conflicts were checked – until teachers and medical staff could move freely and teach without hindrance.

Wars, she decided, had to be terminated but not with other wars because that merely increases the demand for fossil fuel. The value of gas and oil had to be reduced to that of salt and sand but not by flooding the market – that would merely step up demand. Oil and gas has to be outmoded. They have to be pushed to the back burner of energy sources by creating the demand, not just for a more useful energy, or a cheaper, cleaner, more flexible, way to generate electricity and for better ways to transmit and use it – no, no, she had to create a demand for energy on a scale not achievable from fossil fuels. She had to relegate oil well and gas fields to mere deposit boxes in the universe of intergalactic power exchanges.

The Sun is there, beaming down energy all day and every day. For current human purposes it is inexhaustible. It is beyond human control and therefore free of political manipulation. What could be better?

Not that any of this was new; she had always known it – certainly the Ancients had known it for a very long time. What was new, what she had only recently learned, and the Old Ones, and the Ancients, had known for a hundred millennia, was how to bring about the changes – How to bring about the paradigm shift in human values was now available to her. She had seen it in the desktop executive toys that demonstrate principles of balance, energy transmission and static electrical charges. Once established in the mind these same principles materialise in bridges, railways and electrical generating stations. Further development, more critical thinking, resulted in hydrogen buses and trucks, electric cars, solar generating stations, wind farms and tidal generators. Humans were getting there, she decided, but they needed help, and they needed stimulus because the opposition was powerful, ambitious, and absolutely ruthless. Syrians were dying by the thousands, not because of human rights, not for who should govern, but because of the Russians and Hezbollah and the European Union’s ambitions for gas and oil and the pipelines that supply them. Take away the need – take away the power and money that comes with such resources and the wars die away and the alpha-male goes back to his ball game.

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