Slay the Monster

Photo on 21-01-2016 at 15.47 #3From eight years of world domination madness to eight more of administrative madness the Republican Party continues to pile sin upon sin. The project for the New American Century, whose declared objective was/is world hegemony, headed up by no-lesser sap than George W. Bush, scraped into power on the thinnest possible majority. Undeterred the project moved the world into Middle Eastern battles fuelled by the armament industry and the party’s determination to dominate. Worse – all the while the bankers were stealing money from the housing markets by overcharging for worthless loans and wiping all traces of integrity from the institutions of Wall Street.
170px-Official_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaWhen it was over, when the republicans were swept from office, an informed administration wrestled the healthcare of the people from the cold grips of the opportunists and began the slow build to restore some semblance of decency to the nation. What followed was eight more years of defending affordable healthcare, capping student loan interest rates, squashing racism and police brutality. In between the Republican Phoenix arose from the ashes to fly directly into the face of democracy. In an affront to their President it invited the head of another sovereign power to address Congress; it openly undermined the government’s treaty with a foreign nation – treason by any other name – and now refuses to carry out its constitutional duty to the judicial system.
The Republican Party is a monster that needs to be slain.

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