Posted on 1st December, 2010 by Meira

I love this new transparency. It’s just like the legal process whereby the accused is subject to full declaration of assets and behaviour. Of course we cannot expect governments to reveal all they have, and feel, anymore than we can expect common folk to fess up to everything – well maybe if you’re a little girl twittering – but now we have the poor folks’ Big Brother in shape of Julian Assange. What a dream. What a hero.

It’s no longer just big business and government snooping down our phone lines, sniffing out our IP address, peering into our bank accounts . . . it’s the ordinary folk sniffing out the, ‘He said/She said,’ of the US administration. Quite right. Don’t let anyone convince you of anything else. Discretion and diplomacy have a rightful place in all societies, and so does privacy, but not secrecy. Secrecy breeds secrecy: ask the FBI and CIA. Secret negotiations negate open diplomacy and undermine the excluded. All the cards on the table please – none of this: I’ll vote for your proposal if you grant me a favour or two. No, no, don’t do it. Everything on the table, all conversations out in the open because the outcome effects us all. Wars and sanctions invariably hit the poor folks the hardest. We all need to know that the Saudis underwrote China’s oil needs in order to encourage tighter sanctions on Iran. We would like to know more please brave Mr. Assange. We would like to know about the trade agreements in regard to armaments, cotton, and rice because there are some pretty grim secrets lurking in there along with fishing and whaling agreements. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all that out in the open? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we knew who knew who was given what for which and what is cost in terms of cash and jobs.

Rock on Julian baby. You’ll have most of the people on your side and will never be short of a hiding place.

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