Meira & The Language Stone

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“There is no religion more powerful than truth.” Helen Blavatsky.

Meira, the new Matriarch ‘Comes Out’ in the first of The Matriarch books called:

“The Language Stone.”
In a fast moving odyssey the technologies of the ancients are revealed as a young woman hunts for her father’s killer.

Meira, while being pursued by governments, churches, and ruthless oil producers, uncovers the technology of a people who enjoyed lives of peace and longevity beyond our dreams,

Using the simple formula of a murder mystery and subsequent quest, Matriarch reveals the true nature of the sun cultures, and their sophisticated use of simple science to provide not only a sustainable lifestyle in a pollution free environment, but also the longevity achievable with clean food, and a non-combative existence. In the process it reveals the bigotry intrinsic in ancient and modern administrations determined to hide sun technology, the destructive nature of the alpha male, and the folly of a culture dependent on such people for leadership.

The Characters

Meira McMahon

She twenty-eight, sexy, has a pretty face with her fatherÂ’s olive skin and is mad as hell at Roger, her first love for his philandering; at the madmen in the White House for plunging into another pointless war; and at the religious leaders whose perpetual lies and deceit furnished the opportunity. Most of all she is mad at her father for deserting her, a pain heightened by her motherÂ’s apparent lack of concern over her husbandÂ’s absence, and the many unanswered questions about her childhood.

As best she knows she was born in Lebanon, in Beirut; certainly she went to schools there and studied both under rabbis and Moslem clerics. Later the family moved to Australia, to the Northern Territories, and then to Brisbane where she attended the university studying the arts. There she worked hard, earning prizes to show her daddy what a brilliant daughter he had. Pain and anger are deep within her, as they are meant to be, for she is to be the New Matriarch and about to embark on a journey that will tax her body and search her soul.

Sir William St. James Houghton

In his sixties and of the Peter O’Toole mould Bill is ever watchful over the New Matriarch while he continues ad hoc service to his country and others. He was educated at Marlborough College and Cambridge University where he was awarded a double MA at age twenty. Family tradition carried him on to the army, though not to the Guards as such commissions remained outside of his father’s income. After an initial spell in Kenya at the end of the Mau Mau uprising he went to Cheltenham, to the Signal Corps and was quickly taken up on special projects leading up to the Vietnam War. Despite his efforts the United States did enter in to a full-blown conflict that was to be the ultimate disgrace of the western world. In the hope that he could achieve more as a civilian, Bill relinquished his commission at age forty to open a new career in the Diplomatic Corps. His background and military bearing placed him at great advantage over his somewhat insipid contemporaries encouraging his superiors to use him for special events rather than having him thrash around in the sensitive confines of a remote consulate. Even though he felt just as ineffective as he did in the Army, his new job proved much more to his liking as he was given a great deal of ‘free-reign’ when dealing with representatives of foreign governments and agencies active in politics.

It was in Ireland, when he allowed himself to be taken hostage by a republican splinter group, that he came to the attention of The Matriarch, then known as Fiona McMahon. Outside of her family he remains the only living person who could identify her. His gallantry in Ireland and his outstanding service for his country earned him a knighthood: Sir William Saint James Houghton, KBE.

Peter Jordan

Educated at a comprehensive college in Southern England he won a scholarship to Edinburgh University where he earned an MA in the sciences. He stayed on to do his doctoral thesis centering on ancient technologies but moved on to a position as Assistant Professor of Science in University College Los Angeles before completing the work. Here he continued his studies and ran foul of the system with his unstoppable preaching against the modern orders. After a particularly bad outbreak when he swept armfuls of books from the shelves through the library windows he agreed to submit to medical treatment to avoid prosecution and possible prison. As a medical prisoner he was considered unemployable and therefore eligible for social security income, which, combined with writing commissions he regularly receives from advertising and public relations enterprises allows him to live comfortably while continuing his research.

A social recluse, he is short on patience and lacking in interpersonal skills.

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About Philip Newman

Senior Concorde Flight Engineer Retired, Philip Newman, writes in support of sustainable energy technologies. His extensive travels in the Pacific, Antarctic, and tropical rainforests, his love of a good story, and his conviction that the Ancients were sophisticated solar technologists, all contribute to his series of novels about Meira, a green super-heroine.
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