If I Only Had the Energy

Posted on 29th July, 2006 by http://www.sothicpress.com/bloggs/?author=0

Meira says . . . .

Something really silly is going on in the world today. California is having an energy crisis because of the heat wave there. How can that be? Heat is energy. California is not short of energy; it is short of electricity. Why is an area so rich in sunshine and natural resources short of electricity? because despite the huge amount of energy the Sun pours down on its inhabitants they fail to store it, or convert it for their needs. The current crisis is merely exacerbated by inefficient air-conditioners burning up the electricity allocations. That’s asinine; absolute and outrageous asininity. What sort of idiot burns energy to lose energy? Cooling can be achieved just as effectively with evaporators as with electrically driven air-conditioners: In fact more effectively because a well designed evaporator not only does away with the energy hungry compressor, it also deals away with the fans that force air over the cooler.

Heat, instead of electricity, can be used to compress the refrigerant as in gas-powered refrigerators; by gas I mean a gas, not petrol. Of course you wouldn’t use petrol, you would simply focus the sunlight. The beauty of such simple devices is that there are no moving parts to wear out, and when the sun goes down so does the air-conditioner.
In Europe, and in the UK in particular, natural gas prices are set to rise 25% as suppliers start hoarding their reserves until oil prices rise further: nothing like whipping the customers when they’re down. Yet, yet . . . a recent report published by the BBC claimed that by not using filament bulbs for lighting in the UK a 20% saving in energy consumption could be achieved. Wow! Imagine that. A 20% savings in national energy needs by outlawing filament bulbs. Imagine what could be saved by outlawing electric air-conditioners.

Meira is the heroine of Philip Newman’s latest novel in the Matriarch series Meira and the Language Stone.

About Philip Newman

Senior Concorde Flight Engineer Retired, Philip Newman, writes in support of sustainable energy technologies. His extensive travels in the Pacific, Antarctic, and tropical rainforests, his love of a good story, and his conviction that the Ancients were sophisticated solar technologists, all contribute to his series of novels about Meira, a green super-heroine.
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