Meira & The Sea Horse

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Meira & The Seahorse,  BookII in the Mariarch series, was launched earlier this year to much acclaim by Matriarch fans all over the world. News of the technologies used by the Ancients is finding its way into those areas previously isolated by the self interests of religious organizations and despotic governments. Thank goodness for the Internet, and all those clever souls who know how to outflank the sectarian authorities. Book sales, I’m delighted so say, are up 100% on last year and I look to improve further with the publication of Christopher Jordan’s Secrets of the Sun Sects: a long overdue publication of his work on the functions of the pyramids and temple complexes throughout the World. Thank you Chris.

The objective of these books is to inform, and to entertain, because once informed people are not so easily led. Certainly fear is tempered in the educated, and fear, as every advertising agency knows, sells.

Most sales people care little for what is the best for the buyer; their concern is for the own income.  People who sell Health insurance are unlikely to tell you where to find the most suitable policy for you and your family; they are likely to tell you of the best one for themselves. A health insurance company is unlikely to appoint the very best hospital to take care of your needs; it is more likely to appoint the hospital that best serves its own business, and to get you there, to entice you into their web of services, they will sow the seed of fear by sighting cases of negligence, or malpractice, in others.

Although we cannot, in all reason, expect sales people to work for the buyer, we can improve life for our own by taking the trouble to become informed. Sadly that does not mean asking experts because experts are not working for you; experts are working for themselves. We must then, in all cases, take the time to inform ourselves to the best of our abilities. That is our moral responsibility. We can wave some topics aside . . . if we care little for the car we buy, or for the quality of our clothing . . . but we dare not wave aside our concerns for our health, education, and governance. We saw what happened when the uniformed elected the Bush/Cheney extremists to power. We now have two wars and roaring unemployment.

That kind of uninformed action is very expensive, not just for us, and our immediate family; it is very expensive for the whole world and for the next generation. What were those administrators thinking when they decided to poke a stick in the eye of all Islam? Did they think that because most Islamic nations do not have large armies they would just bend over and take it? Did they really believe they could march their hi-tech, super marines, into old Baghdad and not have to face the consequences? Were they mad? Was the American electorate mad? It certainly seems to be the case.

That shockingly bad administration left its people with two wars and a collapsed economy, but it wasn’t really its own fault because it was led by incompetents. The fault lies not with the incompetents, but with the people who put them there. They don’t know that of course because they, too,  are uninformed. Really. They appointed a draft dodger to Commander in Chief. Imagine that. ‘Hail to the draft dodger’ . . . never mind that he was thrown out of the National Guard, or that he was convicted of driving under the influence. Hail to the draft dodger drunk with a C grade degree bought and paid for . . . .

Hopefully the people are more informed now. Hopefully the election of an educated, erudite, leader with only the best intentions for his country, and the people who live there, is a clear sign that the American electorate have learned their lesson and, while still paying the price, will shy away from the huksters and shysters who fill their TV screens with the baseless drivel and unsupported rhetoric of the uninformed.

About Philip Newman

Senior Concorde Flight Engineer Retired, Philip Newman, writes in support of sustainable energy technologies. His extensive travels in the Pacific, Antarctic, and tropical rainforests, his love of a good story, and his conviction that the Ancients were sophisticated solar technologists, all contribute to his series of novels about Meira, a green super-heroine.
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