Good News

Posted on 28th November, 2010 by Meira

War could be fun. Really! War could be a fun packed game. Well for some it always was: pirates loved it, what with all that rape and pillage; conquering kings and generals liked the power and glory that came with it. In fact the only folks who didn’t like it were the dreary combatants and the even more dreary refugees. Well the good news is that now everybody can enjoy war because there need be no more combatants or refugees; there will only be the players in the big, new, robot wars. Umm . . .  where have I heard that before?

Okay so the idea’s not new: there have been video games; a TV series; a movie and a game show. What is new is that this is real. Real guns with real bullets that shoot to kill real soldiers, if they’re daft enough to take part, and real aeroplanes dropping real bombs on . . . . oh, real people. Sorry it’s  not fun for everybody: not for the villagers in the way of a big push; not for the soldiers on the ground who actually take part; not for the tax payer who has to work from January to May to pay for it all. Umm . . .

Still there will be fewer body bags, at least on the highest tech side, and lower support costs because these new fighting robots don’t eat, or become sick, or have to rest up; they just keep on truckin’, like old Paton himself.

Although many fighting robots are already in place doing important work in bomb detection and disposal, aerial surveillance, and drones firing missiles, there is much more in the pipeline. The US Army has a whole city mockup on which to prove toys under development that include motorized guns fitted with motion detectors, intelligent software that includes enemy recognition capability, and of course missile guidance. Already there are dedicated research organizations, and of course the opposition groups that see waring robots as the thin edge to perpetual war. Umm . . . I thought we already had that.

Is it possible that generals and politicians could settle for weapons only war? Could the alpha male settle for anything less than real killing and the mayhem that comes with evacuees, refugees, decease ridden camps . . . Umm . . . probably not if for no other reason than it brings them down to the gamers who practice comparatively harmless war, that can be of infinite variety, for those with a powerful enough joystick.

About Philip Newman

Senior Concorde Flight Engineer Retired, Philip Newman, writes in support of sustainable energy technologies. His extensive travels in the Pacific, Antarctic, and tropical rainforests, his love of a good story, and his conviction that the Ancients were sophisticated solar technologists, all contribute to his series of novels about Meira, a green super-heroine.
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