Stand Your Ground Obama

Hilary Rosen was quite right to comment on Mitt Romney’s remarks about his wife being his adviser on women’s views of economics; we all know that. We all know that raising five boys is a demanding, though if done well, rewarding, job, and we all know it’s not so tough if you have few financial concerns as, one would expect, is the case for Ann Romney. Mitt’s remarks then were just a little sugar for those women who might fall for it but the vast majority, who have to work and save every dollar, know it was sweet talk for the silly.

Sadly the Obama campaign machine fired up and screamed about what was perceived as an attack on motherhood: Pooh: Shame on you Barack. Hilary is right: what on Earth does Ann Romney know about cruising the aisles to save a nickel on cereals and eggs? Why should she? Her boys need their mother’s love as much as any others but daddy has more than adequately provided for the neighborhood, schools, uniforms, and summer camps so she has no worries for at least half the job.

The Obama campaign came out badly in this encounter but not because of Rosen’s remarks; she doesn’t actually work for him. They came out badly because of the sycophantic remarks of the President and his entourage. Stand your ground Obama. Stand behind your supporters and go face to face with the nit-picking twaddle pushers of the other camp. It’s leadership we’re looking for: not pandering to the electorate.

About Meira

Meira is the Matriarch, the oldest, and wisest of all administrations. She is the recipient of her mother's memories, and her mother's mother's memories to a time before the great volcanoes. She holds the knowledge of the Ancients solar technologies that sustained communities for more than 50 millennia, and understands the functions of the pyramids and the great temple complexes. Soon she will return to administer the Earth in the fashion of our ancestors when lives were long and intelligence was paramount.
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