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Senior Concorde Flight Engineer Retired, Philip Newman, writes in support of sustainable energy technologies. His extensive travels in the Pacific, Antarctic, and tropical rainforests, his love of a good story, and his conviction that the Ancients were sophisticated solar technologists, all contribute to his series of novels about Meira, a green super-heroine.

They’re Att It Again

They are doing it again. The GOP is at it again and if we are not careful they will succeed again. Remember The New American Century? Remember Cheney and Rumsfelt. Remember all those ambitions that needed a nation rocking disaster … Continue reading

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Because the Bible Tells Me

There are those who would have it that religion is most often used to bad ends but I would contest that. Much of the music is inspirational, and the songs, too, are fun to sing which is a surprise because … Continue reading

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Northeast Monsoon

Many people believe monsoons synonymous with typhoons, which they are not. Typhoons are synonymous with hurricanes; in fact a typhoon is an hurricane by any other name, either of which bring chaos and destruction with their howling winds tearing up … Continue reading

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