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Meira McMahon is heiress apparent to the Matriarchy: the oldest, and most sophisticated, administration ever to grace the planet

Connecting to the Old Ones

Chapter Ten Calling on the Old Ones Harry Fountain squatted at his listening place to gaze over the emptiness that was the northern end of the Gibson Desert. Changes were coming. He’d been feeling it for some time and now … Continue reading

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When Democracy Fails

This year the old Siamese oligarchy decide there had been enough corruption, too many illegal immigrants, and far too many demonstrations disrupting Thai business so they threw the politicos out of government. Quite right. If elected representatives cannot govern then … Continue reading

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The First World nations enjoy a distillate of all the systems of government tried over the years which we call Democracy. It’s not everyone’s preferred choice: many of the famous, and many more of the influential, have passed less than … Continue reading

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